How it works

Our platform pairs up our members to stream together on Twitch during our scheduled gaming sessions. These sessions are curated and range from Fortnite 1v1’s, Call of Duty SnD, Overwatch Ranked Grind + more.

1) Apply

You'll be selected based off your motivation, merit, and responsibility. Within the application we suggest you explain how you will help the community and why you're motivated as a gamer.

2) Book a Session

Choose from a range of times and dates that best fits your schedule. Show up at the allotted time and we'll match you with a gamer of similar interest for you to play with. Interact, collaborate, and grow your network through short gaming sessions.

3) Tier Up

As you play in more sessions, your tier will increase, allowing you to play with other Higround members of similar caliber. The higher the tier, the more influential the members you'll be playing with. You might even be matched with one of our Higround Influencers.


for streamers

We provide possible growth and make your content more exciting. Your collaborator will be streaming and their viewers can crossover and watch your perspective. As you and your collaborator bond, your streams will make for better content.

for competitive gamers

We provide the opportunity to find teammates for ranked play and improve your prestige. Our community is exclusive; our members want to be here and they want to grow.