What is Higround? Why this community?

Higround is an application-based matchmaking community. We serve to bring purpose to gamers through curated sessions and quality players to play with. We want to bring structure to your gaming. 
As a streamer, you’ll be able to create a consistent content schedule by having curated sessions to play in every week and collaborate with other growing streamers. As a competitive player, you’ll be able to match with those of similar caliber and just as serious as you in becoming a better player.

Is it free to use?

Higround matchmaking is completely free to use! As we grow, we’ll roll out premium features, but the core functionality will always be open to everyone accepted to the platform.

What sessions do you offer?

We currently offer 2 types of sessions: collaborative and competitive. Collaborative sessions are 1 on 1 matchmaking sessions for any type of gamer. We want you to grow your network each person at a time. Particularly, for streamers, you’ll be able to grow your network

How do I start matchmaking? 

1)Head over to the Dashboard and book a session on our calendar. We update this every Sunday night at 8PM PST; check back weekly for new sessions.
2) Once you book a session, you will receive a confirmation email/text notification. 2hrs before the session starts we will send you another notification with the member you've been partnered with. This notification will introduce you and instruct you on how to play in the session. Make sure you're ready to play at the session time, then partner up and game
3) After the session, you'll receive a follow up notification. Please provide feedback on the member and session. This way we can ensure our community and service continues to be top-notch.

What happens if I can't play during my session or I miss my time?

You may cancel up to 2hrs before the session. 
Anytime after and you will receive a strike. 3 strikes and your membership is revoked.
We are committed to building a dedicated and engaged community.

How do I get on the Member Council?

The Member Council is a group of members helping shape the Higround community. In exchange for managing the community and engaging in outreach, they receive early access to new features, collaborations, session concepts, and are apart of Higround's leadership team.
If you are interested in joining, you may DM us on IG or here to the Founders or Member Advisors.
Prerequisite for Member Council acceptance: must have referred 2 + accepted members to the community.

What games do you currently support? Will there be more sessions?

We create sessions based on what the majority of the community is playing. Currently we focus on Fortnite and Call of Duty. If you want gaming sessions to be added, please let us know in our discord channel under #help-feedback. 

How do I get the most proper exposure from matchmaking?

We suggest you keep all your usernames the same across your Twitch, in-game name, and Higround username. This will allow you to keep a consistent brand throughout your growth on all these platforms. For streamers, collaborating with other streamers is extremely important, and you want to ensure that all viewers know exactly who you are and can be directed to your channel. 
We suggest for collaborative sessions, that both players put their username in their Twitch title. (ex: 1v1 Box Fights w/ “username”)

How do I rank up?

Rank is not yet available. Rank will be determined off completed sessions, placement in competitive sessions, and player rating. Coming soon!

Who do I play with?

We do the work matching you to different members of our community. We’ll do our best to pair you with someone we think will be enjoyable for you to play with. 

Can I put higround on my social media?

Yes! You worked for it, now it's time to show it off.
For IG: in your bio tag/write @higround member
Twitch Panel & Banner found on your Dashboard.

Can I refer my friends or people I think would be a good fit?

Yes! Fine the Refer a Friend section in your Dashboard, copy the code, and tell the interested gamer to place your referral code in the application.   Doing this will expedite their application review and if you refer enough members, you will be considered for the Member Council

How do I get help or suggest improvements?

Head over to Discord and ask/suggest anything under #-help-feedback or DM the founders directly @khap0w @Rust1n